The year 2015 is a very beautiful and powerful year for crystal enthusiasts like me, as I have found online (in Facebook to be exact), crystal sellers who are not only selling beautiful and authentic crystals, but offer good friendship and helpful crystals tips as well.

In this blog entry, I am listing my top 5 best crystal sellers that made my 2015—and I know my 2016—truly magical. They are not in particular order of preference:

Nature’s Healing Stone. This is the store that has started my “good addiction” to beautiful thing called crystals since 2012!

They have a huge physical store, but they are also operating online.

My wife and I enjoyed the crystals that I have bought from them, especially that quartz cluster that now sitting beautifully in my main altar. 

Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop. Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop is a very wonderful online crystal shop that sells not only bracelets but beautiful clusters and other magical goodies.

I have started buying pendants and bracelets from Biyaya ni Bathala since 2014 and the owner has been a good friend of mine.

celestines from the biyaya ni bathala earthshop
My beautiful celestines or celestites from Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop.

This year, I have bought three (3) beautiful celestines also known celestites from Biyaya ni Bathala, for my altar. Celestines are best in angelic communication and they give this kind of ethereal calmness when you look at them. They are best used in meditation and for other spiritual pursuits, since it is associated with the heavenly realms.

In addition to my celestines, I have also bought from Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop a beautiful abundance clear quartz cluster and a black tourmaline tower, with base.

Abundance clusters are good for manifestation and granting wishes, especially those which are associated with money, career, and business.

Tourmalines, on the other hand, are good protectors against negative energies. Usually, black tourmalines (also known as schrol) serve as filters and shield against unwanted energies, negative thoughts, and even against hexes and jinxes.

What is great about Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop is that its owner is also a healer. Hence, he can recommend what crystal is best to help facilitate healing of your mind, body, and soul—the reason why I keep coming back to his store.

Inner Healing and Peace. It all started when I met the owner of this shop, who was once a crystal collector and enthusiast like me, Citrine Peridot.

A very warm crystal seller, Ma’am Citrine is always open to answer even your strangest and weirdest questions about crystals and gemstones, when you chat her through her Facebook page, Inner Healing and Peace.

I have bought a lot from her—from crystal pyramids to tumbled stones, and they are all beautiful, affordable, and powerful.

My faden quartz collection came from her and they are very powerful when it comes to granting wishes (if they are for your own and for everybody’s good), and according to crystal healing expert, Julius Nequia, it can also be used in dream work.

I will tackle that, for sure, in another blog post.

I love the amethysts I have bought from her, as well as the “soft” jade (nephrite) dish and goblet.

Krysvox. If you want a very wonderful crystal shopping experience, you should try Krysvox, owned by Jah Razonable and his partner, RJ Serrano.

Prior to his stint as their resident crystal expert, Patrick Banag served as the manager of Nature’s Healing Stones, which I have mentioned above.

My beautiful cluster pendant came from this store.

pyrite cluster from healing crystals and gemstones makati
My glistening pyrite from Healing Crystals and Gemstones Makati

Healing Crystals and Gemstones Makati. I fell in love with this store, just later last year.

The sellers are wonderful as much as their products.

My first purchase from them was a very beautiful—and yet cheap—golden pyrite cluster.

Pyrites are good protective stone and they also attract financial abundance and business success.

It is not a secret that pyrites are also good against evil magic. Oops! You don’t know that?

An online crystal shop and information center said, “Pyrite is a protective, shielding stone and is excellent to wear or carry as an amulet to deflect harm and danger. It is especially helpful when one is away from home or performing hazardous work.”

Simple crystal shopping tips

I am sharing what I personally know about crystals, and I hope that these resonate with you!

  1. Buy the crystals that you can really use and that fit your energy frequency.

There’s a danger for first-timers to hoard much crystals as they can. Being a collector is good but crystals, in my own honest opinion, are created by Nature for the following purposes:

  • To facilitate healing of the mind, body and spirit;
  • To help you achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose in life; and
  • To help you grow spiritually.

To hoard lots of crystals can interrupt the normal flow of chi or energy in your space and even within you. I know that you have already read about the chakras or energy centers of the body. If not, then I will devote a short (or long, depending on my mood! :P) article about chakras.

Hoarding too many crystals can dam the energy. Energy should freely flow and it should not be dammed.

I remember what my good friend, Bernard Ugaddan Dapeña told us about things, not only about crystals:

If the things you possess had already served their purpose, it’s time for them to go.

Like I said, energy should be flowing freely so that it can’t cause you any disturbance.

Meanwhile, in buying crystals, if you are sensitive to energies, better see if the energy fits you, and you can do that by holding the crystal in your hands and feel the energy. Does it make you feel dizzy or uncomfortable? Does it make you feel light and elated?

By “analyzing” the energy of the crystal, you can tell if the crystal fits you or not.

  1. Size does matter (sometimes) but not all the time.

The very reason that you are buying the crystal is to use it as a tool to manifest whatever the things you want to manifest—good health, successful career, a fabulous love and sex life, etc.

But does size do really matter? The answer is—it depends.

Huge chunks or clusters are used to empower, purify, and guard a huge space like your living room or meditation room. Although a collection of small crystals—tumbled stones, raw chip stones, or small clusters—can also be used on same purpose.

On the other hand, small stones are good in making mojo and protection bags. You can also make them into pendants, rings, and bracelets especially those which have holes on them.

So, know on what purpose that you are going to use the stones that you’re buying.

  1. Crystals are more effective if you really know them.

What’s written on books about crystals is true. However, if you want to maximize the use of your crystals, you need to “know” them.

Crystals, just like people, do have personality. You have to befriend their energy and also explore their capabilities, but not the extent that you accidentally abuse them.

However, although crystals are intelligent creatures, they cannot decide on their own. You need to program them and always cleanse them after use.


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