You bought a crystal from a shop. It’s so beautiful, almost perfect. You paid quite a high price for it. But how sure are you that the crystal you bought is not a counterfeit?

Beware of the crystal that you’re holding… 

midnight offering 2
My authetnic crystals on my side altar: black tourmaline (left of the photo) bought from Biyaya ni Bathala; (right side of the photo), authentic celestite from Biyaya ni Bathala, also. A little bit blurred, but my clear quartz Ganesha idol was obtained from Inner Healing and Peace Manila online store. Other quartz cluster, bought from different sellers, some years ago. (Photo by the author)

There are lots of crystals being sold in the market today that are fake, counterfeit, unreal.

Blame it partly to the increased demand for crystals for magical, healing, and psychic work.

Since we’re entering the Age of the Aquarius, or the “Era of Spiritual Enlightenment,” the use of crystals has become a necessity that some unscrupulous businessmen had grabbed the opportunity to sell fake crystals, just to satiate the appetite, not only of crystal collectors, but also of some practitioners as well.

Three years ago, I have this close friend of mine and a first time crystal collector who had been duped by a crystal seller in Chinatown, in Binondo, Manila. I won’t mention his name here to protect his privacy and reputation.

Walking along the streets of Chinatown, he saw a green crystal cluster. Asking the storekeeper what it is, he was told that it was moldavite. He told me that his eyes glowed and when he asked for the price, it is out of the budget. But since it was almost closing time, he bargained and it has been sold for relatively a cheap price.

But what’s the catch? The stone was not a moldavite, but an enhanced version of presiolite—or green quartz!

Moldavite is one of the stones that had become the favorite of counterfeiters to recreate and sold in the market as “genuine.”

Moldavite is not a crystal but a natural occurring glass and they are part of meteors that have fallen here on earth, millions of years ago. The primary source of authentic moldavite is Czechoslovakia, but unfortunately, the mineral is already rare because of excessive mining.

China is the number one source of fake moldavites and many other crystals that are being sold in the market. “Thai” moldavites are being sold with certificate of authentication too!

Here’s an interesting article from e-Bay which will help you identify a real moldavite from a fake one. Meanwhile, here’s a video that I saw from YouTube that can give you more information how to spot a fake gem from the heavens.

But there are stones being sold in the market that are real but are being sold, in lieu of another crystal.

Heat-treated amethysts are being sold as real citrine and sodalites are being sold as lapis lazuli.

There are lapis lazulis being sold in the market with enhanced color. For me, it is okay. It is just quite a disappointment when you see that your brightly-colored lapis lazuli fades as the color enhancer or the dye wears out because of your sweat or because of water or humidity.

But there are real blue lapis lazulis and you can buy them with Inner Healing and Peace. Just click on the link and it’ll take you to their Facebook page. If you want to explore their Instagram, here’s the link.

Aura quartz is real quartz only enhanced in a laboratory. There are lots of crystals that are now being sold in the market which are not natural but laboratory-grown.

Here’s a very insightful article from one of my respected crystal healing guru, Hibiscus Moon that tackles lab-made crystals.

Here’s a beautiful video from my very talented and very gentle friend, Ashley Leavy.

You can also visit her website here.

How to protect yourself from counterfeiters

As the old saying goes, “Scientia est potential,” knowledge is power.

If you are into crystals, it is important that you research about them. Learn about their properties: from texture to color to the authentic sources.

But let me warn you: Not all that you read from the Internet are real. The keyword here is: always verify the source of your information.

Verify and always check on the veracity of the information that is being posted in a site.

When I do research about everything and anything, I make it a point that I run an electronic trail to verify the authenticity of the information that I have read from a site.

If you can, you should ask an authority about crystals: a mineralogist, a geologist, or authentic crystal healers.

Fortunately, there are lots of books and e-books that are published about crystals and you should read them.

For good priced and genuine or authentic crystals, you can visit the following online stores:

  1. Healing Crystals and Gemstones Makati.
  2. Nature’s Healing Stones.
  3. Biyaya ni Bathala Earthshop.
  4. Krysvox.

As a crystal lover and as a crystal practitioner, I want to protect you guys from bad experience in buying crystals.

However, committing a mistake in buying crystals and gemstones is also good for it would teach you how to scrutinize a real crystal from a fake one.

And may peace and healing and love be with us. Amen.



Antipolo City, 05 January 2015


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