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I have been a fan of Feng Shui since 2008, but the craze only hit me in 2012 when I began visiting a local Feng Shui shop in our town, Antipolo, in Rizal. The name of the shop is Niyo Treasure.

I have featured Ms. Dorothy’s shop in 2012 and you can read the blog entry here.

This blog is not about predictions since I am not adept in Feng Shui. Rather this is a short review or recommendation of where to go if you want authentic Feng Shui charms and genuine Feng Shui services.

But what in the world is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, literally means “wind and water,” is an ancient art and science of balancing energies in a place or space, to ensure that everyone living there would be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

In an article that appeared in About.com, Rodika Tchi explained this ancient art and science is “based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, particularly on the idea that the land is alive and filled with Chi, or energy.”

You often hear that everything is energy, based on quantum theory.  Taoism also shares the same understanding about energy in nature and in things. For you to enjoy a blissful, easy, and wealthy life, you need to balance the energies so that the energy flow will not become stagnant. And that’s what Feng Shui does: it opens the floodgates of positive energy and neutralizes the stagnant or negative energy so that abundance, health, and happiness will come to your place and your life.

I am planning to have a Feng Shui reading before the Chinese New Year on February 8th. This year, according to the Feng Shui calendar is the Year of the Fire Monkey.

Consult a real Feng Shui expert for your reading

It is just appropriate to consult personally with a Feng Shui expert to know your luck and what things or activities to avoid this Year of the Fire Monkey.

But whom to consult?

My first pick is Jeanch Dragon.

Knowing her personally, Jean Yu-Chua has the capability and adequate wisdom to interpet what the stars and planets have in store for you this year. I think, it is just apt to say that Jean is one of the great Feng Shui ladies that I have known.

prosperity basket from dragon phoenix
My prosperity basket from Dragon-Phoenix Store, located in Binondo, Manila.

Their shop, Dragon-Phoenix is located at the very heart of Binondo, the place where you will have that taste of authentic Filipino-Chinese culture.

My second pick, actually is associated with the first shop that I have mentioned. This shop is the wonderful Feng Shui Sunrise, managed by Feng Shui Master Johnson Michael Chua.

The aforementioned shops are always featured in television shows such as Kris TV in ABS-CBN 2; Unang Hirit in GMA 7; and Mars , which airs in GMA News TV 11.

If you are somewhere in Laguna, you can consult Mystic Knot House of Feng Shui, in Santa Rosa City.

What is wonderful with Mystic Knot is, its owner is very accommodating and she’ll answer your questions regarding good luck and health, with cheer.

My last pick is the shop of Master Hanz Cua.

I was a frequent visitor of his shop at Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong City and some of my things associated with Feng Shui was purchased from his shop.

But is it enough that you know the cure to prevent bad luck and reap success?

Just like any other divination arts, Feng Shui only serves as a guide.

For you to reap success you need to combine the following formula:

Faith in the Divine and faith in yourself + good (positive) attitude + hard work + good relationship with others + luck enhancers = success.

Follow the above formula and you will be reaping success!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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