Putim or Timtim (October 28, 2007 – January 7, 2016)

The past days were a rollercoaster ride for us. Last Monday, I’ve got home only to know that my beloved dog Timtim or Putim (a combination of two words, puti (white) and itim (black) which our beloved dog’s color), a Filipino mongrel, was sick. And she’s not only ordinary sick, she’s terminally ill.

I often call her a “dinosaur dog,” which I think, she loved for every time I sing to her that she’s a dinosaur, her tail would go round and round, resembling an electric fan. She’s a plump, sweet dog.

When she has been transferred to us, seven years ago, she’s a dog with an ill-temper. Perhaps, that insecticide incident had affected her temper.

But when she’s still a pup, she has no hang-ups. She’s always sweet, playful, and she’s a friend of people although she’s not friendly with other animals—kittens, birds, other dogs.

Today, Timtim had gone home.

Due to the severe infection, anemia, and distemper, she had a heart attack.

Timtim had taught me valuable, yet a very painful, lessons

Dogs are angels, they say.

That’s why, I know Timtm, our beloved Timtim will be playing on the clouds and she’ll happily slide on a rainbow.

She’ll be happier now as the pain and the agony have already been gone.

The only painful thing is, she died when we’re not there.

But the death of Timtim today had reminded me the life lesson that I have almost forgotten:

Life here, on earth, is fleeting and you need to enjoy it.

For seven years, Timtim had been a source of joy, just like our other dogs who had also gone home, to heaven: Marxy, Beauty, Shamcey, Lelei, Azul, Theo…

The second lesson that Timtim had taught me, and perhaps the other members of our family, too is that:

We have to learn how to let go.

Memories are good to remember but you must not let them encage you.

I love Timtim, but I must let go of her spirit.

She needs to go where she has to go, and I will not let my sorrow pull again into this realm.

Fly now, Timtim. You are always loved.

Si Timtim, asong dinosaur…






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