My Share in the Quest for Mystical Powers…

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There had been a silent epidemic among spiritual people. It is more likely a virus that can spread from one group to another, and if it won’t be contained, it would spread and infect even those who are just to embark their journey of knowing themselves and fulfilling their life purpose. Read more


Moving On…

The year 2015 had already ended and so the superficial friendship that I have with some people whom I refuse to name in this blog entry. Read more

Goodbye Timtim…

Putim or Timtim (October 28, 2007 – January 7, 2016)

The past days were a rollercoaster ride for us. Last Monday, I’ve got home only to know that my beloved dog Timtim or Putim (a combination of two words, puti (white) and itim (black) which our beloved dog’s color), a Filipino mongrel, was sick. And she’s not only ordinary sick, she’s terminally ill. Read more

Looking back…

Looking back, 2015 had been a very exciting and good year for me.

I have found a new job, met new friends, and have been through a lot of painful and yet exciting spiritual and psychological transitions.

I can say that 2015 had made me tougher, yet gentler. Tougher in the sense that I have found the courage to face even my greatest fears: the fear of rejection, the fear of losing someone, the fear of poverty, the fear of being alone. I have also found the strength to let go of the things that don’t serve their purpose anymore: old friends and acquaintances, things, and beliefs.

I have become gentler when it comes to dealing with people who are difficult to understand, with the people who want to drag you into their own personal dramas, and with circumstances that I cannot control.

However, I know that I still need to work on some aspects of my life–the way I handle my finances, managing my temper, etc.–but in general, I think I am doing good. Letting go of your old habits isn’t that easy. It would take a lot of mindful efforts so that you can, little by little, change or transmute them.

Thanks 2015 for the life lessons that you have given me. And 2016, I will embrace you with open arms, open heart, and open mind.